This is the index for a set of fanfictions:

  • Initial/Additional/Further Mass Effects is an AU retelling of the story of Mass Effect in a world with a little more science and a little more fiction.
    • Update – the wiki I wrote these on is dead, so the only copies are PDF now. If you’d like me to scrape the words into something better formatted, do let me know, or feel free to do it yourself.
  • Alternative Origins is a retelling of Dragon Age: Origins where what has mostly changed is personalities.
  • Hawke’s Flight tries to retell Dragon Age 2 as a linear narrative, where the only one who isn’t a protagonist is Hawke.
  • Fear & Surprise is about Dragon Age: Inquisition, with a protagonist who’s less of a hero and hopefully more of a person.

Roughly speaking, if canon and my arbitrary desires clash? The arbitrary desires are the winner. Just so you’re aware, they get pretty arbitrary.

If you want to know when my hideous addiction to italics went away, it was during Fear & Surprise. Sorry.


  • Scrape the Dragon Age pages into long-format .pdf files, ideally keeping formatting intact
  • Refactor the omake page into readability
  • Write a new thing. Working title (who am I kidding, that’s all the title my stuff ever gets) ‘Raindrops’

Elsewhere on the internet my name is Requiem_17_23, but the only other place I have *fiction* under that handle is Livejournal.

Just so you’re aware, my fiction is aimed about the same level as the Dresden Files or the more grown-up end of YA books, and I’m not bothering to watch my mouth. I’d say it would be rated 15 if it was filmed.

Dragon Age:

Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age II

Dragon Age Inquisition

Mass Effect:

Mass Effect 1, in PDF format: Initial Mass Effects

Mass Effect 2, in PDF format: Additional Mass Effects

An interlude between Mass Effect 2 and 3, that stands on its own

Mass Effect 3, PDF format: Further Mass Effects

(Apology: I had no clue how the military works at all when I wrote these. This is especially obvious in the first one. Just ignore anything I say about ranks and salutes. The start of the first one is quite especially awful.)

(Non-disclaimer: I don’t own the properties I’m writing on, of course, and if anyone complains then so help me God I’ll decamp to Harry Potter. I mean it. I have the gun and the puppy right here.)

I write in edits to the draft page, which are then hived off in vaguely plot-detemined chapters every four-ish thousand words, at a rate of one chapter a week. Stuff is added to the draft page most weekdays unless I’m wrestling with something or temporarily low on inspiration. There is an RSS feed. Edits on the draft page are bold (note: my algorithm for when to de-bold is ‘has my principal beta reader read this yet?’ rather than being time or volume based, so mileages vary).

What am I proudest of? AO18-19, the Cassandra sequences in FS30-31, and the Oriana sequences in Further Mass Effects.

I also sing!