Fear & Surprise

Being a retelling of the story of Dragon Age: Inquisition in novel format. The premise is, what if there were another source other than the computer game covering the same content?

It’s got a bit too much swearing to be YA, so, rated 15, with the following potentially troublesome content (though I should say, compared to a lot of stuff out there, my stuff is pretty tame):

Violence, mutilation and gore
Swearing, all the swearing
Unreliable narrator / losing grip on reality
(tiny mention of, offscreen) Suicide / self-harm



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When the story runs out abruptly in midstream, find more on the Drafts page. (If one of the links above is dead and the text is not on the Drafts page, it is because I publish weekly at what WordPress assures me is 12:00 UK time on a Sunday: if this really bugs you, let me know by the usual routes).

Elvish credited to katiebour‘s lexicon on AooO. The growing atrocities of cod-linguistics I’ve perpetrated on it are entirely my fault, however. Maybe my lexicon will go up on the Omake page at some point if I’m bored.

I’m using a human male nonmage protagonist, but the medium gives me a bit more freedom with origin and appearance; my characters are mostly out of character, and I’m going for a coherent portrayal rather than one that’s accurate to canon. By now you’ve met what I laughingly call my continuity (or if you haven’t, see Alternative Origins and Hawke’s Flight above ^^) – this shares a gameworld and a metaphysic.