In Light


  • Violence
  • no, more violence than that
  • Gore – look, this is 40k, those in the front row may get wet, that’s all I’m saying
  • Bad language
  • Mindscrew – and this will get worse

OK! For this winter I am going to redraft this story. I will mark where the redraft has got to on here, and on the pages that are redrafted. This is partially so that the story actually ends.


Original (clearly, contains spoilers for above):

So in a departure from my previous stuff, this isn’t the tale of a video game.

This is a Warhammer 40,000 story centring upon the trials and tribulations of a novice of a tiny, little-known sub-order of the Adepta Sororitas, as her previously predictable and certain existence is overtaken by disaster and she doesn’t take a pace backwards quite fast enough. It is a reworking of work I’ve done before, but I expect to change more than I leave unchanged. (My prose at the point when I was writing the first draft of In Light was bright beige. I want to keep some of that, but not nearly all…)

My headcanon 40k is more like Abnett than Mitchell (What can I say? I read Necropolis in an impressionable state of mind) – ideally Bram Gaunt wouldn’t find the setting too unfamiliar, although I do like hanging lampshades on weird setting elements and there is probably going to be the odd easter-egg. Please hit me with rolled up newspapers for my Latin.

I’m doing this as a November Project, but I’m not expecting to go at NaNo’s rate: I’m doing 4000 word chapters and I’ll be publishing them as and when I can. Please criticise: please do so somewhere where your comment will remain attached to the content that it is aimed at, so, on the chapter page itself.

(If you’re interested in reading ahead, my Drafts page is for words that are not yet ready to feed to piranhas.)